Now you can have the latest STM News on your Mobile Screen.

With SCOOPE STM Mobile one can read latest STM News on different topics, categories and themes, with a Mobile Phone at any time anywhere.

SCOOPE STM Mobile works equally well with all types of Mobile Phones and Devices that can access a Browser, and this list includes iPHONE, iPAD, iPOD, Android, Black Berry and all Smart Phones.

For those with Phones which are not Browser-friendly, SCOOPE STM Mobile Java Version is available.

Some important features of SCOOPE STM Mobile:

View News Items list and a summary of each item, Read in full, Local Save, ‘Search a Tag’, ‘Forward’, ‘Refer to a friend’, Call or Message a number or Add to Contact list, Go to a linked WebSite, Read an Attachment, Email the News Item.

More features such as Subscriber Management, Global Search, Access to Archives shall be added in due course.

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